The Causes of Stress


– Work
Heavy workloads are just one of the many things that cause
individuals’ stress. Work stress and pressures are common these days and experienced by many employees and working professionals.
Doing tons of work on longer period of time, meeting deadlines and
many other work related issues can trigger stress. Work can cause stress if you are already unhappy with it or you are give heavy workloads and too much responsibility. Other factors that
can cause stress in work are poor management, unclear work
expectations, lack of right and involvement in making decisions and
more. Working under pressure and complicated conditions and
experiencing discrimination also trigger stress.

–  Money Matters
Financial issues are what stresses man y people and these are one
among the many factors that can really cause headaches if not
properly addressed. In some instances, individuals are left in stressful and hopeless situations because they are left with no means during the time that they are desperately in need for money. In other cases, limited budget is also what causes stress. There might be source of income but the amount of money earned may not be enough to cover the growing needs.
– Family Problems
Problems and conflicts within the family are also what cause stress.
Living in one roof where harmony and strong family ties no longer
prevail can really be stressful and devastating. Having arguments
with your parents and siblings does not just stress you out but also
affects you emotionally. Family problems can also interfere with your normal and usual function at home or in the workplace.

– Complicated Relationship

One of the most common things that trigger stress is complicated
relationships. Unfaithful partner and many other relationship issues
tend to break couples apart and these leads to never-ending stress.
There are more other real-life scenarios that cause stress and hopelessness to individuals. The things that generally stop individuals from living happy and satisfying life that they are dreaming of are the following:

– Loved one’s death
– Heavy financial obligations
– Divorce
– Marriage
– Lack of job
– Relocation
– Injury or chronic illness
– Emotional problems such as anger, grief, anger, depression, low self- confidence and guilt.

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