Understanding Who Gives You Stress

– Viral People
They are termed as such because they seem to appear like bad flu. These are people who always cause discord in your life. Viral people are those who cannot manage to be happy unless there are things and events to hate. These types of individuals can really be stressing.

After visiting or hanging out with them, you certainly feel drained as if you are having a terrible cold.

– Attention Seekers
Individuals who are always messing around and destructing your routines can also cause stress. These are the types of people who wanted the world to revolve on them as much as possible. What can really be stressing and bothering is when they tend to demand all your time and attention and get mad when you fail to give them what they want.

– Victim Players
Victim players are those who put the blame on themselves when something wrong happens to life. Some individuals might view life’s ups and downs as normal events but for victim players see dark phases of their life as the end of the world. Hanging out with these types of people can cause stress and can bring life with negative vibes. As much as possible, get rid of these individuals for they will just interfere with your normal and happy life.

–    Mental Abusers and Bullies
Bullies are not just dominant during your childhood years because even during adulthood you can still encounter bullies and mental abusers. These types of people are anywhere to be found. They may be present in the neighborhood, at school or in the workplace.

Mingling with these individuals can cause you stress and other worst effects. Aside from being stressed out, bullies and mental abusers are the reasons while others are living in fear. Having to deal with them can upset a person and this is what seems to be stressful on their part. Mental abusers can be your ex wife or
husband, significant other or worst, they can be your parents.

Studies revealed that increased numbers of younger children are living stressful and complicated lives because they are suffering from mental and physical abuse from their own parents.

– Floaters
The reason why floaters fall under the “Who Stresses You’’ category is that they would just surprisingly come out when they are in need of help. They may appear right in front of you if they are in need for food or shelter. Of course it is great to help others however it can start to be stressing and annoying if these attitude and behavior become a way of life for these types of individuals. When floaters are no longer welcome they start to find another who can help them.

In general, who stresses you are those who got negative behavior and influences. These are people who exclude or ignore you, give you unachievable tasks and setting you up just to see you fail. Stressing people are also those who spread malicious gossip and rumors about you, make offending and insulting remarks, underestimate your talents and potential and undermine your integrity.

Who stresses you are those who deliberately withhold information that you deserve or need to know, make you look so stupid in public and fail to give you due credit for your essential contribution. Let go of these people or else you will notice yourself eventually drowning in pessimistic life with them. Getting rid of them completely entails a stress-free life, the type of life that you deserve.

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